Happy Halloween!

It’s the haunting season and you’ve reached the point of no return!

Here is where the creepiest collection of lighting lurks, waiting to make your Halloween events and displays the stuff of nightmares! Click below…if you dare!

  • Wireless Technology Lighting

    Bluetooth® Wireless Technology Lighting

    Control your horror right from your phone or tablet with BTAir and Bluetooth® wireless technology enabled fixtures!

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  • Blacklights


    Blacklight fixtures make all your blacklight nightmares come alive!

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  • Atmospherics


    Frightful fog that slithers along the ground or horrific haze that fills the air with dread are just a click away!

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  • Gobos


    Create ghostly shapes and ghastly shadows with these spooky gobo fixtures!

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  • Strobes


    Blinking blinders and strobes stab the dark with animated pulses of light that make sure your eyes will deceive you. Was that a flash of a figure in the room with you?

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  • Outdoor IP-Rated Fixtures

    Outdoor IP-Rated Fixtures

    Shivers Up Your Spine, Rain or Shine!

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Here's some lighting effect terror in action to keep you up at night!

See how the twisted minds at CHAUVET DJ used some of our favorite fixtures and effects to tell terrifying tales to inspire haunters everywhere by creating eerie and terrifying scenes using a variety of lighting fixtures and effects that are perfect for your own Halloween haunts this season.