Welcome to the Integrated Lighting System

Auto sync wireless light shows
One System. Limitless Possibilities.

Auto sync wireless light shows
One System. Limitless Possibilities.

At the push of a button, ILS creates coordinated,
wireless light shows across unlimited ILS fixtures.

At the push of a button, ILS creates coordinated,
wireless light shows across unlimited ILS fixtures.

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Go from gig bag
to showtime in minutes

ILS gets you to the good times sooner

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GigBAR Move + ILS

A pre-mounted all-in-one system
with tripod included.

Sync Unlimited ILS
Wireless Fixtures without DMX

Auto sync makes pairing fast, easy, and powerful without messy DMX cords or time programming.

Your Way

Choose a receiver that’s right for you. From in-fixture to desktop controller.

How Lighting Comes Together

Set the perfect mood and fill the dance floor

ILS lets you create exciting lighting looks effortlessly, getting you and your event guests to the good times sooner.

Free yourself from complicated programming

Included RF remote controls synced lights — and even includes latency-adjusted auto sound mode for “set it and forget it” simple sync.

Light up the night without setting up all day

Save time setting up so you can get the party started. The pre-mounted GigBAR Move + ILS system allows for plug-and-go performances.

It All Starts With the GigBAR Move + ILS

Send spotlights across the crowd with 32W moving heads

2 LED hex-colored PARs cover the room with mood lighting

Brighter, quad-colored derbies cut through smoke and fog with ease

Sync 5W beam LED strobe lights with the tracklist to feel the music

Vibrant RGB fat beam lasers light up the night and deliver the energy

Wirelessly sync ILS-compatible fixtures to expand your collection

Everything You Need. Nothing You Don’t.
Add. Connect. Expand.

Meet the
ILS Universe!

*Patent pending

The Crowd

Paint the night with a precision lighting system

Controlling ILS with the new RF remote

How many ILS modes are there? How do they work?

How to sync the GigBAR Move + ILS with ILS-compatible fixtures?

What’s new and different in the GigBAR Move + ILS?

What is ILS?

Setting up compatible-ILS fixtures to receive signal from GigBAR Move + ILS?

Set the Mood for Epic Dance Moves

with a system that keeps up with any song request

FAQ yeah!

How does The GigBAR Move + ILS differ from the original GigBAR Move?

The GigBAR Move + ILS has improved lighting, with some fixtures reaching 32W, and features an all-new Totem-Mode that keeps fixtures focused on the dance floor. The biggest difference between GigBAR models is the addition of wireless ILS sync to bring the music to life with powerful lighting combinations.

What are the connectivity specifications? Wireless is convenient, but I love some of my wired fixtures.

Wireless D-Fi USB capabilities allow for limitless ILS options so your setups can vary per show. With 3 available DMX slots, corded fixtures can also be controlled with The GigBAR Move + ILS, so you have complete control on one display screen.

With a variety of fixtures hooked up to the same source, how can I access quick presets to keep the crowd in the moment?

The GigBAR Move + ILS system includes a wireless footswitch with four distinct options to set the mood from anywhere within a 100 foot range. Go from total blackout to a burst of colors with the tap of your foot.

How does The GigBAR Move + ILS help me grow my live performance business?

The GigBAR Move + ILS includes five. high-performance fixture types that are more than enough to get the party started. Build your ILS-compatible collection at your own pace as your needs change and your crowds grow.

Light up the night without setting up all day. You’ve got better
things to do. Like creating night-of-their-life vibes.