Is There A Show Without Lights?

Posted on December 21, 2011 by webmaster

Can someone really imagine a show without lights? The DJs we interviewed throughout the year in our Facebook Fan of the Month interview series–click here to check it out–pretty much agreed that a show without lights is a contradiction in terms. And we agree. Lights are part of a show just as a limb is part of a human body. Well, their answers are more fun and creative. Read on:

A show without lights is like…

1. …dark. No, really, it’s like going on a date with a beautiful woman while you’re blindfolded! Larz Hanson, Tenn.

2. …the dark side of the moon. No matter how amazing it is, you can’t see it without some lights! Alex Bardos, N.C. 

3. … feasting on bread and water when you could be having steak and lobster and champagne. Kirk Hilzinger, Mo.

4. … a party with no people! Aron Wickart, Ill.

5. … popcorn without butter. What’s the point? – David Dienstbier, Neb.

6. … an artist without a paint brush! – Mauro Advise, Calif.

7. … a birthday cake with no candles. Still tasty and great, but not as festive. – Curtis Rock, Texas.

8. … a Christmas without presents…POINTLESS! – Storm Savino, Fla.

9. … dancing in the dark. Matt Holmes, Minn.

10. … watching a movie with no sound. It’s called audio-visual for a reason! Victor Wooten answered this question with “one-dimensional” and he was dead-on with his answer. An exciting show stimulates more than one sense. There are no exceptions. Nick Pignetti, Md. 

11. … SpongeBob SquarePants without Patrick. – Shawn Herold, Ga.

12. … a James Bond movie without a cool car or gadgets…it just shouldn’t happen! – Jasper Ibe, Canada  

This is a show with lights!