CHAUVET DJ Debuts Fresh New Gear at LDI 2013

November 2013

Swarm-5-FX-Story-PhotoLAS VEGAS, Nev. – CHAUVET DJ, a leading manufacturer of LED lighting, introduces a diverse collection of new, soon-to-be released products in a 20-by-20 foot TRUSST-built booth (#328) during LDI 2013. To transform venues and enhance mobile setups, the CHAUVET DJ line expands to include a linear wash light with built-in laser effects, battery-powered lasers, a compact pyrotechnic-like effect fixture and a 3-in-1 effect light to name a few.

Perfect for uplighting applications or mesmerizing effects, COLORstrip Mini FX is a compact, linear wash light with built-in laser effects. The eye-catching laser effects are variance free, making the fixture ready to use right out of the box. For added convenience, wireless control of individual colors and programs is available using the included IR remote. Combine multiple units together for unique runway effects, or pair it with other COLORstrip fixtures for large coordinated light shows. For safe and secure transport, COLORstrip Mini FX fits best in the optional CHS-60 VIP Gear Bag.

Two battery-powered lasers with remote control capability join the MiN series of ultra-compact lasers — EZ MiN Laser FX and EZ MiN Laser RBX. EZ MiN Laser FX projects thousands of red and green laser beams and motion effects, while EZ MiN Laser RBX projects thousands of red and blue laser beams and motion effects. Both lasers include a rechargeable, lithium-ion battery that provides a run time of up to six hours from a single charge. Wireless control of colors and rotation speed is available using the included IR remote. Easily create customized shows with independent color control, or activate built-in, eye-catching effects by accessing automated and sound-activated programs. The variance-free lasers are ready to use right out of the box, cover a large, wide area and looks fantastic with or without fog.

Geyser RGB Jr. is a compact version of our unique, pyrotechnic-like fixture that adds a touch of drama to any performance. This powerful effect fogger blasts a 15-foot high vertical stream of safe, water-based fog into the air, while simultaneously illuminating it using nine high-power, 3-watt RGB LEDs. The combination of red, green and blue LEDs allows you to easily mix the perfect color to transform the fog into a stunning effect.

Intim-FX-350-Story-PhotoFitted with a 75-watt LED, Intimidator FX 350 is a powerful, feature-packed moving head with superior optics that packs a punch at any event. It creates dynamic light shows using 24 built-in, easy to recall light patterns that replace the need for gobos. Split the ray of light and cover larger areas using the rotating, 3-facet prism and create spectacular aerial light shows with blazing fast pan and tilt speeds. For safe and secure transport, Intimidator FX 350 fits best in the optional CHS-50 VIP Gear Bag.

For movement and colorful effects at any event, Swarm 5 FX is a 3-in-1 LED effect light that combines red and green laser beams, white strobe effects and RGBAW rotating derby effects into one compact unit. Match the look of any event by creating customized light shows with separate color and program control. For increased control options, it features built-in automated and sound-activated programs as well as master/slave and DMX mode. For safe and secure transport, Swarm 5 FX fits best in the optional CHS-40 VIP Gear Bag.

Obey 6 is a compact, universal DMX-512 controller ready to handle all the complexities of today’s LED fixtures. Capable of controlling up to six fixtures with up to six channels each, Obey 6 allows you to control effects by simultaneously operating each fixture in different playback modes with variable fade times. Increase flexibility with various playback options that include manual RGBAW+UV, as well as automated and sound-activated mode. For increased control options, it features adjustable audio sensitivity, strobe, and blackout effects. For safe and secure transport, Obey 6 fits best in the optional CHS-25 VIP Gear Bag.