August 2007

LED-fitted COLORtube™ EQ offers users the unique possibility of mounting a 32-band, real-time sound frequency visualizer, ideal for any venue where a highly visible and dynamic display is wanted. See and show off your sound.

Each tube can be addressed to respond to one of 32 frequencies, from bass to treble, very much in the pulsating manner of a graphic equalizer on your stereo.

Each tube houses 144 blue, red and green diodes, weighs under 4 lbs and is 40-inch long and 3-inch wide. The system features 16 pre-set patterns, chases, color flows with variation plus blackout.

An optional controller, sold separately, allows users to select specific colors, making this ideal for retail, sports and corporate events where brand identification is vital.

The tubes are sold in packs of four. Using just four tubes and selecting the first four addresses would display the four lower frequencies in the band. If you wanted to reflect frequencies across the entire sound wave, you would need to spread addresses in eight-digit increments. To do the same with 8 tubes, you would need to spread addresses in four-digit increments and in 2-digit increments with 16 tubes.

The tubes are water resistant, sustain wide temperature changes and are a snap to install, perfect for outdoor events and mobile functions. Operation is silent and there is no duty cycle. They are power-linkable. The diodes’ life averages 100,000 hours.

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