CHAUVET®: Take SX Lightly

June 2007

CHAUVET’S newly released SX series features lightweight, powerful 250w luminaires designed for the mobile performer and smaller nightclubs. Fan cooling allows for reliable operation, and the similarity of the case designs adds an aesthetic touch to any lighting rig. The initial lineup features a gobo projector (SX Gobo), a kaleidoscope effect (SX Scope), a simulated rippling water effect (SX Abyss), and two separate moonflowers (SX Xtreme, SX Mix).

The SX Gobo is a high output gobo projector featuring 6 rotating gobos and 5 dichroic colors that are user replaceable. A three-position switch allows for clockwise and counter clockwise rotation, along with a stop. Featuring commonly used event phrases in the installed gobos, the SX Gobo does the talking for you.

The SX Scope brings the high-tech kaleidoscope effect to the mobile DJ in a small and efficient package. A total of 10 gobos and 5 colors are manipulated by rotary knobs that change prism speed and sound sensitivity

The SX Abyss modernizes a perennial CHAUVET® favorite, the rippling water effect, with a sleek new case and the ability to not only stop on a color, but to adjust the ripple speed of the effect as well.

The SX Xtreme is a new take on the traditional moonflower, with 26 dichroic colors and dual switches that control the color wheel and moonflower rotation independently.

The SX Mix is a high-speed multi-function moonflower effect, featuring a combined color/gobo wheel with 22 dazzling colors and 18 gobos, and dual function switches that allow users to control the rotation of the color and moonflower wheels separately. The SX Mix weighs just 6.8lbs (3.1kgs), but packs enough versatility and energy to keep the dance floor full all night.

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