Hurricane Flex Fogger Works all the Angles

January 2009

 The new Hurricane™ 1800 Flex incorporates more features and options than the other Hurricane™ foggers to earn the top-of-the-line status.

Standard on this model is the flexible head that can be manually adjusted in any number of angles within a 180-degree range. The versatile fogger can be floor mounted and aimed upward or truss mounted and aimed downward. The fog can fill most rooms quickly due to its 25,000-cubic-feet-per-minute output.

The fogger is controlled via DMX or via the wired timer remote that is included. A wireless remote is also available. A manual fog button is located on the unit.

No need to hover over the Hurricane™ 1800 Flex to monitor fluid levels because the LED-illuminated tank makes the level easy to check from a distance. If the unit runs out of the water-based fluid, the fogger will automatically shut off, protecting the pump and other components from serious damage.

Filling the large-capacity, 5-liter tank is a breeze through the tank’s top access and the fogger takes only 10 minutes to heat up.