Intimidator Scan Fitted with LED

September 2009

 The Intimidator™ Scan LED is a five-channel DMX scanner that now comes fitted with one 22W White LED.

This fully programmable fixture includes separate color and gobo wheels. The color wheel contains 11 colors plus white, including one quad and one tri-color, and a rainbow spin effect. The gobo wheel, with gobo shake, is comprised of 14 gobos, plus open. Two gobos are glass, the remaining gobos are metal.

The Intimidator™ Scan LED also offers built-in sound activated programs via master/slave. When a DMX signal is not present, it automatically enters a stand alone mode and runs through its list of built-in programs.

Thanks to LED technology, power consumption is low, allowing up to 20 units to be linked @ 120V. Pan of 180 degrees and tilt of 90 degrees makes for a large coverage area, with an output of 1,530 lux. The beam angle is a sharply focused 15 degrees.

The double bracket yoke offers more flexibility of placement. Use the yoke as a floor stand or hang it from a truss.