March 2007

The CHAUVET® Q-Spot™ 575 won the 2007 Club World Award in the Best Lighting Category. Every March, the Club World Awards honor the clubbing world’s best of the previous year: LJs and DJs, and the gear that helped propel them to the top; lighting and sound systems that impressed the pros; and the clubs themselves, which streamlined the technology, the culture, the lights, the logistics and the music into perfect packages. Editorial staffers of Club Systems International magazine and parent company Testa Communications select nominees from a submission pool. A panel of industry experts determines the winners who were announced on March 21st at a ceremony held in Miami, FL. This year, CHAUVET® had more nominations-three in all- than any other lighting manufacturer with the DVwall™ HR, COLORtube™ EQ and Q-Spot™ 575  being nominated in the Video, LED and Best Lighting categories, respectively.

At the ceremony, VP Berenice Chauvet and Business Development Manager Victor Menendez accepted the Best Lighting Product award for the Q-Spot™ 575  on behalf of the entire team CHAUVET®Also in attendance was CEO Albert Chauvet. “ This means a lot to us,” he said, “because we not only feel that it does justice to the Q-Spot™ 575 ’s outstanding performance but it also validates our team’s hard work and determination to make a difference in terms of value.“

With striking colors, motorized focus, vector movement, full range dimming, a wide beam angle, 16-bit resolution, and a high speed rotating prism, the Q-Spot™ 575  lends itself to a vast array of touring, production and club applications. It is part of the Q-Series launched in 2006 to capture a bigger share of the entertainment lighting market with feature-packed, aggressively priced luminaires. The 16-channel unit is fitted with an intense 575-watt HMI lamp with a life expectancy of up to 1,000 hours. The head moves smoothly within a range of 540 degrees of pan and 270 degrees of tilt. The color wheel offers 8 solid dichroic colors, 1 split color and 1 quad color plus white and effectuates rainbow spins bi-directionally. Two gobo wheels rotate bi-directionally at variable speed. Multiple gobos can be morphed to produce a myriad of scenic effects. A mechanical shutter allows from full open to blackout as well as variable strobe. Other features include automatic pan/tilt correction, micro-stepping motors, a practical LED-lit display, automated programs, and remote reset. Q-Spot™ 575 uses power sources of 100 V, 115 V, 200 V, 230 V-50/60Hz to suit the needs of international touring and productions.
“ It’s just an unbeatable product,” Albert Chauvet says. “ We thank the judges and Testa Communications for recognizing that.”

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