March 2006

CHAUVET’s newly released Tiger™ is a small, powerful and flexible lighting controller for use with moving lights. It is one of the easiest lighting controllers to program and operate. Unlike many other small controllers, Tiger™ is suitable for use in a wide range of venues, from small theatres and schools to TV sets and nightclubs. It features an effects engine that enables the setting of shapes, colors, and beam effects such as rainbows. Besides controlling moving lights, Tiger™ also allows control of 18 dimmer channels or switch pack channels with each channel having its own fader. For replay, Tiger™ has 12 pages of faders. You can store 3,000 chase steps and play these back in a way best suited to the show. A traditional theatre cue stack or chase stacks run either manually, from a sound input, using the onboard microphone, or from a beat button to offer a level of flexibility not usually found on a desk of this type. An LCD screen is at the heart of Tiger™. Navigating the various operating modes is a breeze. Whether setting up the desk, assigning fixtures, patching or setting operating modes, the user is provided with easy to understand and operate menu structures.

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