April 2007

CHAUVET® recently released three new members of the Intimidator™ family of DMX fixtures, Intimidator™ Spot, Intimidator™ Spot 2.0 & Intimidator™ 2.0 HTI . All three are moving yokes designed for mobile applications and smaller fixed installations. These compact units house new arrays of gobos and colors while sharing many of the popular features of other lights in the series. As all other Intimidator™ fixtures, the three units respond to DMX control but will also run on automated and sound-activated programs. All three can run all night thanks to effective fan cooling and are very light thanks to the use of an electronic, switchable transformer.
Exceedingly compact and lightweight, Intimidator™ Spot is powered by the tried and true ELC 250W lamp and is fan cooled to run all night. Thanks to improved optics, this small moving yoke has an extraordinary throw with an 11-degree beam angle. Also inside are separate gobo and color wheels featuring 8 colors plus white and 7 metal gobos plus open. The Intimidator™ Spot is also fitted with a mechanical dimmer/shutter/strobe, and can be remotely reset via DMX.

Intimidator™ Spot 2.0 & 2.0 HTI feature a new look and design that allow for more installation options. A 250-watt EHJ lamp powers the Spot 2.0 and a 150-watt HTI lamp powers the Spot 2.0 HTI. The unique rounded base of these units allows installers to recess them inside ceilings where height or aesthetics is a concern, or partially fit them inside 12-inch trussing for a very clean look. On the inside, both units feature 7 colors plus white and 6 rotating gobos, two of which are dichroic glass.

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