VéDéLighting Gets Party Started at Ghent Students Union with CHAUVET DJ

January 2020
Arne Vandenbroucke - Vooruit Hall - Belgium 1

GHENT, BELGIUM – Although Ghent is famed for its medieval church spires, quaint market squares and its week-long summer city festival, for the students and academics who make up roughly one fifth of the city’s population, one event in particular stands out on the calendar: the Ghent University students union annual party for returning and new students.

This year’s party, which took place within the impressive art nouveau surroundings of the city’s Vooruit Hall. To provide memorable looks for the event, Grizzlysound supplied VéDéLighting with 20 CHAUVET DJ Intimidator Hybrid 140SR and 12 CHAUVET DJ Intimidator Wash Zoom 450 IRC fixtures. Together, these fixtures formed the foundation of their EDM infused lighting concept.

Arne Vandenbroucke - Vooruit Hall - Belgium 2

With the expectant students eager to see both exciting and fresh visuals for the most hyped event of the year, which saw a number of DJs take to the stage to inaugurate the new academic year, Arne Vandenbroucke and the team at VéDéLighting went about transforming the turn of the century theatre into a contemporary party temple. Central to this transformation was the decision to focus light around the DJ booth on stage.

“I’m a huge fan of designing for shows in incredible venues such as the Vooruit, which demand a grandiose approach with lots of exciting visuals,” said Vandenbroucke. “As a result, our concept was designed around the Intimidator Hybrid 140SR fixtures, which provided maximum stage orientation for the DJ sets while simultaneously illuminating the incredible venue.”

Ensuring that the DJ booth was of central focus for the partying students, Vandenbroucke and his team positioned the Intimidator Hybrid 140SR fixtures from above stage trussing to provide continuous highlighting of the DJs. Thanks to the intense 140W discharge engine and motorized focus, crisp beams and gobos could be projected at distance, giving Vandenbroucke the ability to craft compelling mid-air projections, along with generous helpings of eye candy onto and around the DJ booth.

Arne Vandenbroucke - Vooruit Hall - Belgium 3

While highlighting the DJ booth was a top visual priority, the team nevertheless wanted to provide a number of subtle yet complimentary looks to emphasize the unique aesthetic features of the theatre. Toward this end, an additional selection of Intimidator Wash Zoom 450 IRC fixtures were hung from a centrally located trussing beam. Here, the fixtures were tasked with providing contrast and architectural emphasis within the venue itself.

“Thanks to the combination of CHAUVET DJ fixtures, we were able to strike a balance between energetic visuals and atmospheric highlighting,” said Vandenbroucke. “It was fantastic to see the reactions of the students as they partied into the small hours. It’s safe to say we gave them a fitting send off into the new academic year!”