By the Numbers: IP Ratings

Posted on March 23, 2020 by Abigail Arnold

Festivals, spring weddings, corporate functions—you want your lighting to go where you do: Outside. Deciphering IP ratings is a great first step toward peace of mind for mobile entertainers, and not just when choosing the right tools for the gig, but also ensuring your gear stands up to the elements again and again. After all, Instagram-worthy events don’t happen by accident, particularly outdoors. CHAUVET DJ is here to help with a vast range of various IP-rated gear for almost any level weather application. We’re also here to help you understand how IP ratings work.


The 123s of IP Ratings

CHAUVET DJ offers IP-rated gear appropriate for almost any weather application. IP stands for “ingress protection” or the degree the housing around the fixture keeps out foreign elements. “IP” is followed by two numbers: The first represents particles, the second water. “Particles” are anything from dust and sand to particulates from atmospheric machines. The bigger the number, the smaller the particle the fixture can resist. IP ratings exist on a scale from zero to IP69. “Indoor units are IP20-rated,” explains Rick Peeples, CHAUVET DJ Product Manager. “Your toaster is IP20-rated. IP69 represents submersible units.” 


Mobile Freedom & CHAUVET DJ Ingress Protection

Freedom Gobo IP and Freedom Flex H4IP are IP54-rated meaning they can operate in general outdoor circumstances, for instance, rainwater, sprinklers, and dust found at festivals or pop-up events. For more intense weather conditions, IP65-rated Slim Panel Tri 24 stands up to bombardments of dirt and sand as well as pressurized water. IP43-rated fixtures are the wildcard. Although they’re weather-resistant, the fixture must be kept at a certain orientation to properly fend off weather conditions. Peeples reminds users CHAUVET DJ IP-rated fixtures feature rubber covers on electrical connections for the interior to be protected.


IP Ratings & Performance Impact

“One of the most common questions we get from users is whether the fixtures will perform optimally while wet,” says Geoff Short, CHAUVET DJ Global Brand Manager. “There’s a difference between being protected and performing ideally.” The fact is, during inclement weather, the fixtures are going to survive, but it’s important to understand that water is water, and any flow over optics is going to influence output even though the fixture is protected. “Like rain on your windshield, water over the optics will affect performance,” reminds Peeples. Short and Peeples advise users to experiment with different hanging options for the best outdoor performance.


Get the full tutorial in this Product Spotlight Video.


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