CHAUVET DJ Academy: Lighting Lesson of the Week

Posted on July 8, 2015 by webmaster

Academy LogoKeeping your light fixtures in bags or road cases will help with the longevity of the units. Fixtures still get dust and debris on them and need to be maintained to get the best results and longevity out of the light. Each fixture can be maintained differently and you should always check your product manual for instructions.

1. Unplug fixture from power. Vacuums can create static electricity and can create a short.
2. Use a vacuum, air compressor, or air in a can along with a soft brush to remove dust collected on external vents.
3. Clean all lenses when the fixture is cool with a mild solution of glass cleaner or Rubbing Alcohol and a soft lint free cotton cloth, lens tissue, or q-tip.
4. Apply solution to the cloth or tissue and drag dirt and grime to the outside of the lens.
5. Gently polish optical surfaces until they are free of haze and lint.
Keeping your gear clean, safe and secure will help keep your gear looking professional and performing longer and better.

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