CHAUVET DJ Academy Lighting Lesson of the Week

Posted on September 2, 2015 by webmaster

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There’s no doubt that L.E.D. lights are much more flexible than incandescent fixtures which used to be the standard in entertainment lighting. Think of L.E.D. lighting as the digital version of a light while incandescent lighting is the older analog version. It’s like comparing an acoustic piano to a digital keyboard. Like the keyboard can be programmed and controlled via midi controls to make any number of sounds, an L.E.D. light fixture can be controlled via digital hardware controllers, software, foot pedals or internal auto programs.

While incandescent lights are still used and can be effective, there are many advantages to using L.E.D. lighting. L.E.D. lights draw far less power and generally don’t generate the amount of heat that incandescent lights do. L.E.D.’s dissipate the heat they do generate much more efficiently making them much more energy efficient. Also, no mercury is used to manufacture L.E.D.s, so disposal after years of operation doesn’t pose a risk to the environment. There’s no doubt that L.E.D. lights are more environmentally friendly and definitely the green alternative.

But some say LEDs are “limited” in certain areas. Are those “limitations” that some people talk about truly real?

For instance:
“They don’t really last 50,000 hours”
This is not the case! LEDs can in fact last between 50,000 to 100,000 hours of operation. What rumors out there are trying to convey, is that some other parts in the fixture, such as the power supply, might fail before the LEDs can reach their lifespan. Again, this is not accurate since not only have LEDs grown brighter and more versatile, but the lights and fixtures as an ensemble are built to keep up with the actual LED diode. If used in the proper conditions and maintained carefully, there is no reason why an LED fixture shouldn’t last for years and years.

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