CHAUVET DJ Lights up Local Theatre Production

Posted on May 7, 2014 by webmaster

CHAUVET DJ products aren’t just for DJs!!

CHAUVET DJs own Geoff Short directed a local South Florida production of the play IMG_7131“Marvin’s Room” opening this month.  CHAUVET DJ products were instrumental in his scenic and lighting design for the show.   He used custom gobo shapes to suggest things like windows for a house, a moon for an exterior night scene or Mickey Mouse ears when the action takes place at  Disneyworld.  The gobos are projected using two Intimidator Spot LED 350 fixtures because the fixture’s gobo wheel makes it possible to instantly change gobos.  “I’m kind of a minimalist when it comes to scenic design” Geoff says.  “Rather than have literal rooms and walls which can make scene changes cumbersome at the community theatre level, I prefer to let the actors tell the story and suggest locales using lighting cues that are much more flexible and versatile.”

IMG_7144The gobos are projected on 2 scrims supported by 2 TRUSST Goalpost Kits.  Geoff used a combination of COLORband Pix and COLORstrip fixtures for color wash on the scrims.  Geoff is using CHAUVET DJ’s ShowXpress software to control all the light  and gobo cues.IMG_7116Depending on the color of the scrim and the gobo projected on it, theses screens provide the backdrop and locale for each scene in the play. Geoff says “I also liked seeing the aluminum structure of the Goalpost Kits because a big part of the story is about a woman dealing with illness and it adds a certain coldness to the set which is great for the scenes in her doctors examining room, but it also provide’s an interesting contrast between the comfort of her living room and the coldness of her illness always in the background of her life”.


Gig Lab video is coming soon!  Stay tuned!