CHAUVET® DJ Transforms the Blue Room

Posted on September 14, 2012 by webmaster

The owner of a multi-million dollar beachfront estate in Laguna Beach, Calif. enjoys entertaining so much that he transformed one of the rooms in his home into a miniature club. Nicknamed the “Blue Room,” the miniature club features an enormous flat panel TV for video, movies and karaoke, a state-of-the-art audio system, an automated touch panel control system, a wine cellar and bar, an underwater view into the patio hot tub, priceless ocean views and a light show created with CHAUVET® DJ gear.

Red Fish Illuminations lighting designer Doug Northeim specified a Scorpion GBC laser, an Intimidator 1.0 scanner and a DIAMONDstrip strobe light to transform the 25-by-25 foot space. To meet the owner’s needs, Northeim created a high energy dance club effect that can play all night long without getting monotonous — all with the touch of a button.

“Architecturally speaking, the room is clean lined and pure, so the simplicity lends to a wide range of energy states,” Northeim said. “It can go from a soothing underwater glow and ripple effect, complete with actual ocean waves from the beach outside brought in via microphone, or it can be a high energy dance club with a fully automated video, audio, and lighting system. The CHAUVET® DJ fixtures transform the space. The innocently simple space, which might be used for a formal wine tasting party, can instantly transform into a high energy club when the guests are ready to take the party to the next level.