Chauvet Rocks ArmDJs in Tennessee!

Posted on June 18, 2013 by webmaster

CHAUVET® DJ is proud to be a sponsor of the 2013 ArmDJs (Appalachian Regional Mobile DJs) Conference being held June 17th-19th at the historic General Morgan Inn in Greeneville, Tennessee.  CHAUVET® DJ sponsored the main stage for the opening night Meet, Greet & Jam, an awesome open mic night with a full live band on stage.  CHAUVET® DJ lit it up, giving DJs with rock star visions a taste of rock star lighting.  The stage consisted of a TRUSST® Goal Post Kit with a MotionDrape LED.  Mounted on the truss were four Intimidator Spot Duo and two Core 3×3 lights.  Also, four SlimPAR Quad 6 wash lights warmed the truss .  To add dimension, two TRUSST® totems located at the front of the stage, were both warmed with a Freedom Par Quad 5 and featured two Intimidator Spot LED 350 mounted on top. The big hit of the night were the two Geyser RGB units that added that extra big stage effect!  ROCK ON ArmDJs!


A pre-show look at the Chauvet DJ Stage before doors opened at ARM DJs 2013.


Testing out the set-up on the Chauvet DJ stage before the band arrived at ARM DJs 2013