Dealer trip: DFB Sound and Light Warehouse, U.K.

Posted on June 21, 2011 by webmaster

DFB Sound and Light Warehouse is run by Simon Griffin, Mark Aitkin and Shaun Palmer. What started in the 60s as and electronic shop has blossomed into one of the biggest dealerships in the U.K. for sound and lighting equipment.

DFB carries a wide variety of LED-fitted effect lighting, wash lights, scanners, lasers, moving heads, controllers, hazers, foggers and accessories for DJs and clubs. In fact, one third of their demo room is CHAUVET® gear.

“Now that CHAUVET® is local,” Griffin said, “we have even more inventory. CHAUVET® has proved over the last three years to be a good brand at a good value.”

Cited as a favorite fixture by Griffin, 4PLAY is versatile due to the four individually moving heads of the LED wash light. “When I’m showing this light, I’ll show them one way, rearrange it and they think it’s a brand new light. They love it,” Griffin said.

4PLAY in action at DFB's showroom.

4PLAY rearranged by Griffin, "looks like a brand new light."