DJ Profile: DJ Borracho

Posted on December 21, 2011 by webmaster

Charles Gardella, aka DJ Borracho, is a versatile DJ in Montebello, Calif. who DJs everything in English and Spanish. He owns his own DJ business, has 17 years of experience and knows how to get party goers on their feet and keep them moving to the music.

1. How and when did you get started as a DJ? What types of events do you do?
I got started around the age of 15 with one of my friends who happen to be a DJ. I bought speakers, then a mixer, and I just kept adding to it. Now, 17 years later, I have DJ gigs at clubs and a few radio stations.

2. Is this a full-time job or something you do on the side?
I own my own DJ business, so this is a full-time job for me.

3. What fixtures are included in your setup? What are you looking to add?
I have too many fixtures to remember all of them. From what I can recall, these are the CHAUVET® fixtures included in my setup: two Scorpion lasers, the whole line of Vue effect lights which includes Vue 1.1, Vue 3.1, and Vue 6.1, Mega Moon, Elan, J-Five and more. I would really like to add the 6SPOT  or the 4PLAY.

4. What is your favorite CHAUVET® fixture and why?
Well, I have a few favorite lights, so I can’t list just one. I think if I had to pick one right now it would be Cubix. I really want the Circus.

5. Best advice you can give someone just getting started in the DJ industry?
Don’t start your own business because there is so much competition nowadays. If you really want to get started, make sure you play all kinds of music so when people ask if you can play certain things, you can say “yes I can.”

6. What are your top three most requested songs?
Suavemente, Escandalo, and songs by Snoop Dogg