DJ Profile: Fernando Fuenmayor

Posted on April 1, 2014 by webmaster

Fuenmayor-1Fernando Fuenmayor is a renowned DJ from Venezuela with more than 30 years of experience DJ-ing, and currently the resident DJ at Renaissance Caracas Hotel. He has gained a reputation for throwing the best private parties and best performances at exclusive nightclubs throughout the country.

1. How and when did you get started as a DJ?
In the early ‘80s, I and some friends from college got together and formed what we call in Venezuela a ‘miniteca.’ We named ourselves ‘Skyway.’ This marked the beginning of my DJ-ing career. The most important thing for me now, after producing more than 20 CDs, and having been recognized with various awards, is to have a public that appreciates and respects my work.

Fuenmayor-42. Is this a full-time job or something you do on the side?
I am working as DJ full-time. It’s impossible to be a DJ during the day and stop being one when you get home in the evening. This is something that it’s in my blood, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

3. What fixtures are included in your setup?
The lighting gear I have is 90 percent comprised of CHAUVET DJ lights. I am using CHAUVET DJ lights and trussing from TRUSST, too. I prefer LED lights because they are powerful without consuming much electricity, they are lightweight and easy to transport.


4. What is your favorite fixture and why?
I am very satisfied with the Intimidator line of moving head lights for their awesome  effects. And I was very impressed in particular with the unique effect the new Intimidator FX 350 offers. I hope to acquire this light soon and use it in my events. The lasers are some of my favorites too.

5. Best advice you can give someone just getting started in the DJ industry?
To the beginner DJ I always say the same thing: “Learn your profession before you take your pictures to post on social media.” It is disturbing to me to see a new generation of DJs who are more concerned with the color of their DJ booth than with the quality of their performance. I believe that those who get into DJ-ing only because they think it’s trendy will not make a true career out of it. This is why my advice to them is to learn DJ-ing in a profound way.


6. What are your top three most requested songs?
It would take me too long to answer this question! I consider myself a ‘commercial’ DJ. I successfully throw different types of events for lots of people. I could talk for hours on the most requested songs I get, it is difficult to narrow down to a small list.