Fancy Footwork

Posted on September 21, 2011 by webmaster

One of our customers was having a tough time trying to figure out DMX controllers. As a mobile DJ and proud owner of COLORstrip and COLORstrip Mini wash lights, he was in search of an easy way to control his fixtures that didn’t involve a DMX controller.

“No one seemed to want to recommend or give much information on the LED-FS1 foot controller made for the COLORstrip, so I decided to buy one anyway. Bamm!!! This is a great pedal that works exactly the way you want and controls the blackout, static colors, chase programs and strobe speed functions of the COLORstrip. I have since sold off my DMX controllers for the easy-to-use foot controller. I hope that someday CHAUVET® will add a screen to the pedal so you can see what program you are on. This feature would be well worth it! I pride myself on offering the best in sound and lighting and CHAUVET® is a big part of that. Thanks for the great products!“

Mike Bembenek
A Sound Business