Happy Halloween from CHAUVET DJ!

Posted on October 30, 2015 by webmaster

Halloween is always a fun time around Chauvet Lighting! Here are some cool shots from our annual costume contest! Boo!


The CHAUVET DJ Marketing Team! Coolest department!


First place winners! International Sales! They win a year’s supply of green eggs and ham!


The CHAUVET DJ Accounting Department going for the kill!


Our Tech Writing team is magical!


Our Purchasing Department is the new 60’s Pin-up team!


This demented clown won first place in the individual category much to the chagrin of Quailman!


Rick from the Walking Dead never looked so good!


Nothing like a man in uniform!


We’re not sure what’s going on here but we think we should eat more Chikin’!


Boba Fett makes an appearance!


Who says being a nerd isn’t cool?


Purty nerdies!


Geoff and Carlos from the Marketing Department think Halloween is A-OK!


The CHAUVET DJ Marketing Team with Berenice Chauvet channeling Waldo!


The Revenge of the Marketing Nerds!


Our fearless leader Popeye Chauvet!


Albert Chauvet congratulates first place winning team International Sales!