How to (Properly) Wrap Cables

Posted on February 23, 2011 by webmaster

Cable wrapBy: Allan Reiss, product manager for CHAUVET®

When new cables are purchased, they are sometimes folded (yes, folded) end to end, which makes properly wrapping them a challenge. Not only is this unproductive, but re-training cables can be frustrating.

Earning a degree in recording engineering will undoubtedly drill this concept into your head, but you can take a free crash course at DJ University and spend that unused cash on new lights for your rig. This cable practice is not only great for the mobile disc jockey, but it’s also very useful for home theater installations, bands, mobile musicians or a garden hose.

There are seven fast-n-easy steps to cable wrapping success. Read more here.

DJ University is an online resource for the DJ / mobile performer sponsored by CHAUVET®. Look for more helpful posts like this one to come.