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There are as many uses for lighting as your imagination can dream up. There is a wide variety of uses for lighting fixtures but in the DJ and event production worlds DJs and event producers use lighting for four main reasons:

For effect. These are usually moving lights as the idea is to create dynamic presentations and bring energy and rhythm to the event. Many lights in this category are referred to as “effect lights” or “moving lights.” They’re frenetic movement ability is great for dancing. In fact, studies have shown that synchronized music and movement activate pleasure responses in areas of the brain. The movement effect lighting provides adds visual stimulus which can increase dancing activity! Because of the dramatic nature of effect lights, these fixtures are great for things like big dramatic grand entrances.

A second main lighting application is uplighting. In recent years, battery operated wireless lights have become more and more popular as uplights because of the convenience and time savings they provide with set up and tear down . Obviously the use of these lights is not limited to uplighting. Many par fixtures can be mounted on stands or truss to be used for downlighting and some lights, such as moving head lights wash lights or other linear wash lights can do double or triple duty as uplighting, wash lights and effect lights.

A third main use of lighting in event production is to accent certain features in a space. At a wedding reception for example this could be a spot light focused on the cake table like this or a gobo projector with the newlyweds’ initials projected on a wall like this. Gobos are another great way to personalize an event for clients.

A fourth use of light is to create atmosphere. For this, you need atmospheric effects such as fog and haze. Atmospheric effects create drama and glamour. Some atmospheric effects don’t put anything into the air, but instead add effects like a thick layer of low laying fog generated by dry ice which is perfect for dramatic first dances or other special dances. Now there are even really cool effects that do things like blasts bursts of fog that are colored with L.E.D. lights for an amazing pyrotechnic looking effect.

All the lights and effects included in these categories can have as many uses as your imagination can dream up. But it’s important to use the right tool for the right job, so always consider what it is you’re trying to achieve and think about these categories of lighting and fixtures.

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