Lighting Lesson Monday: You Have the Power!

Posted on April 6, 2015 by webmaster

It’s Lighting Lesson Monday from CHAUVET DJ Academy!

Academy LogoDetermining how much electrical power all of your gear needs is critical to successful operation of your equipment. Electrical systems vary from venue to venue and the last thing you want is to suffer a blown circuit or damage to your gear due to power overloads.

One basic formula for finding your power draw is wattage of your gear divided by voltage available which equals amps required. Again, the challenge is that there can be variations in voltage in venues (either 110 or 120 volts) and some fixtures that say they are a certain wattage may actually be using more power than that – especially if they use things like motors or fans. There can also be power variations caused by things like extension cords with varying lengths and gauges. So you can see that a voltage meter tool can be a really good investment.
Remember when calculating your power needs to give yourself some head room. Don’t maximize the circuit load.

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