Make the Switch to LEDs

Posted on August 31, 2012 by webmaster

-written by Jim Layton, owner of Quakertown Concerts

As a concert producer I want my shows to be memorable. Lighting has always been the best way to create a unique event that people will enjoy and remember. A good light show can improve any band’s performance. In the past, I used a lot of incandescent PAR can-style lights. They are bulky, use a lot of electricity and require dimmer packs to control them. Worst of all, my light shows were limited to whatever color gels I already had loaded into fixtures. Since I have to bring my gear to the venue, I always worried if there was going to be enough circuits to run the lights and provide power to the band. The last thing anyone wants to do is trip breakers, especially during a live band performance.

I was excited when LED PAR lights were introduced to the mobile industry. Unfortunately, my enthusiasm quickly faded when I saw the low output emitted by the fixture.  Early LED PAR can-style wash lights were way too dim and entirely way too expensive. Thankfully, all that changed when CHAUVET® released LED PAR can-style lights. I chose CHAUVET® fixtures   because the build quality is consistent throughout the product line. Currently, I use CHAUVET® DJ LED Par 64 Tri-B wash lights in place of my old traditional PARS. LED Par 64 Tri-B is bright, rugged and affordable. Instead of wasting time messing around with color gels, tripping breakers and running extension cords across the floor, I can simply plug my lights in and let them go. I have a limitless color palette that enables me to design different light shows for each band. With the LED PARS, I can focus on putting on a good show instead of wrestling with my lighting rig.

The drummer in the picture is illuminated by four CHAUVET® DJ LED PAR 64 Tri-B wash lights that draw about 200 watts. CHAUVET® DJ has useful manuals, which seem to improve with the addition of each new product, and they have made it easy for me to move up to the next level of lighting. Bands, fans and guests will notice the difference and see how much beauty LED lighting brings to the event. Make the switch and start having fun with your lights.