MiN on the Move

Posted on November 28, 2011 by webmaster

Justin Polachek is a 19-year-old who spends a lot of time and money on his car. He cruises the streets of Oregon in a black, tricked out 2010 Scion xB fully equipped with a bass-pumpin’system, black-and-brushed steel rims and a laser show. Yes, you read correctly — Polachek created a laser show in his car by permanently installing a MiN Laser RGX and a MiN Laser FX.

Polachek is part of the West Coast car show scene. He has been to many car shows in the last eight months and while attending evening shows became fascinated by the custom lighting displays. The cars with these elaborate lighting displays received a lot of attention, but he noticed none of them used lasers. He also noticed lasers were never a topic discussed on the Scion forums he follows either. He wanted to do something unique to his car that would also represent him as a DJ and thought a laser system would be the perfect addition. *Note: the laser show is only functioning when Polachek’s car is on display at car shows — he does not operate the vehicle and the laser show at the same time.

“I wanted to do a more advanced set-up with a DMX-controlled laser and run DMX 512 throughout my car but those laser systems were just way too big,” Polachek said. “The MiN series fit the bill by having the widest spread, the brightest output, the most functionality and the most aesthetically pleasing case. I am very happy with this product and I can’t wait to pick up the MiN Laser Star soon.”

Polachek is a member of Street Art Revolution, an active member within the West Coast Scion community and regularly participates in several related forums (ScionLife, Clubxb.com, NewScionxB, and Hela Fass Dooo) all at only 19. Within two years, Polachek would like to show his car at SEMA, one of the industry’s biggest shows. He would like a Digital Air ride system, custom body kit and high-end, 20-inch wheels. Oh, and he would also like to add two MiN Spot RGBW moving heads on his rear hatch because they will be a great addition to the slide-out DJ table he wants!

All lasers, including MiN lasers, are designed to be temporarily installed on rigs or permanently installed in venues and are for entertainment purposes only and should be operated using extreme caution.