New series: Service Confidential

Posted on January 11, 2012 by webmaster

by John Dominguez, assistant service manager for CHAUVET® DJ

If you could be a fly on the wall anywhere in CHAUVET® DJ, we bet the Customer Service Department would top the list. All that knowledge and troubleshooting tips corralled in one place, it must be a goldmine! We thought as much and have created this new series to share the inside scoop with you. Before we begin, here is a little background.

A day in the life.
Day in and day out, some of the most frequent comments we hear from customers are “My light is performing differently from what I expected.”, “It seems I cannot get this light to do what I had in mind.”, or “I am having some difficulties setting up my light.”

These are great questions from a novice lighting customer as many of them find themselves outside of their field in terms of LED, DMX and lighting in general. The actual reasons will vary from issue to issue and light to light but ultimately, our customers end up calling the Customer Service Department for help and support.

Who’s on the other end of the line?
CHAUVET® DJ prides itself in having a top notch Customer Service Department to handle issues of every size. Trained to be helpful, knowledgeable and friendly we tackle every aspect of a fixture’s problem. Additionally, we receive frequent training to keep up-to-date with all our new products. (And by ‘we’, we mean a team of nearly 10 customer service professionals.)

In the (not so distant) bygone days we would simply ask, “Has the lamp been plugged in the socket?” which was a viable question for our older fixtures featuring halogen and incandescent lamps. Nowadays, we still see a few units with MSD lamps, but more prevalent are LEDs. LEDs have gained prominence in the lighting industry in accordance to new standards for power consumption and efficiency.

Let’s get this party started!
We thought to begin this new series with one of the most fundamental tips when working with a fixture: the user manual. Additionally,  information from blogs and forums where you can learn what other customers recommend is a good idea. Read the first installment here.

We are here to help.
We offer knowledge, recommendations, and advice and can run you through your fixture’s operations and settings to get you going. Feel free to call us anytime and see what we can do. Call Customer Service Department at 1.800.762.1084 (press 4).