On Set with SlimBANK UV-18 and Core 3×3

Posted on October 24, 2013 by webmaster

Martin Ubilluz, owner of Mu2 Productions, included three SlimBANK UV-18 blacklights and six Core 3×3 wash lights on the set of a music video shoot.  Read on for his review of the gear and check out some photos from the shoot!

“The concept was to create a very colorful look with glow-in-the-dark effects. To bring our vision to reality, the singer wore blacklight-reactive clothing, while the models wore blacklight-reactive makeup. One of the shots featured a long hallway, so we placed Core 3×3 fixtures against the walls to wash the entire space with multiple colors. For a separate performance shot, we mounted Core 3×3 fixtures to stands and placed them behind the performer as they emitted flashing, random-color sequences as a fog machine diffused the lights and colored the air.

We chose to use both the SlimBANK UV-18 and Core 3×3 fixtures because they are lightweight, very bright and did not consume a lot of power.  We wanted lightweight and extremely powerful gear that did not consume a lot of energy — both fixtures met our expectations. “