Parlez-vous CHAUVET®?

Posted on January 24, 2012 by webmaster

Our distributor from France, Algam, visited CHAUVET® HQ after The NAMM Show 2012. While they were here, we had a little fun while shooting a video short starring Algam President, Gerard Garnier. Our top question: “Parlez-vous CHAUVET®?” (translated to ‘Do you speak CHAUVET®?’) While we await its completion, here are a few behind the scenes photos to enjoy.

Team Algam visits CHAUVET® HQ (shown here with Stephane Gressier of CHAUVET®)

Algam President Gerard Garnier acts for the camera

Garnier is a DJ for the day

Team Algam watches the show

For our stage setup, we showcased a bevy of CHAUVET® fixtures:
18 x MVP 18 video wall panel
18 x MVP 12 video wall panel
2 x Legend 1200E Spot
4 x Legend 1200E Wash
2 x Legend 300E Spot
4 x Legend 300E Beam
4 x Legend 412 VW
4 x Intimidator Scan LED 100
6 x Intimidator Scan LED 200
6 x Intimidator Scan LED 300
8 x COLORdash Batten Tri
4 x COLORado Batten 72 Tour
8 x COLORado 1 Tri Tour
6 x COLORado Zoom Tour
4 x COLORado 2 Tour
6 x COLORband Tri
MotionFaçade LED
2 x Hurricane Haze 2
Nimbus dry ice machine
ArKaos Media Master (for video walls)
ShowXpress (4 universes of control using Xpress 512 Plus)