Scorpion GBC creates fierce laser show at Station 4

Posted on September 8, 2011 by webmaster

A massive laser show was recently added to the design scheme of Station 4, a 24,000 square foot, bi-level nightclub located in the Dallas Oak Lawn entertainment district. Green, blue and cyan beams bounce from wall to wall, illuminating everything in between, and all it takes is four Scorpion GBC lasers.  Paul McElroy, lighting designer for Caven Enterprises, specified the installation of the lasers as well as 24 specially designed bounce mirrors to amplify their effects.

“After reading and watching the videos about Scorpion GBC I realized this would be the perfect choice for the club,” McElroy said. “This laser is fierce and it outperformed what I thought it was able to do.”

Station 4 includes a dance floor and bars on the main floor, a spacious two-story patio and a custom-built theater on the second floor (dubbed the Rose Room) which features one of the finest gender illusion shows in Dallas. The installation became a challenge when McElroy encountered obstacles including pipes, beams and shaking of the ground and walls.  “Once I got past the excessive movement of the ground and floor, everything about this laser impressed me and it does things that far more expensive fixtures are capable of.”

Photos courtesy of mrileyphotos.com