ShowXpress in control at Performer’s Edge Dance Center

Posted on September 9, 2011 by webmaster

For the past three years, Jim Hollborn has been controlling the lights at Performer’s Edge Dance Center’s annual recital with ShowXpress. The software has simplified the once daunting task of having to create schemes for over 80 different dance pieces which take place during two, three-hour shows.

Prior to ShowXpress, Hollborn hired an in-house lighting technician who controlled the lights with an ETC-Expression X2 control board. He used to spend an extra $1,500 in theatre rental fees for the additional day needed for programming. Saving money on rental fees aside, Hollborn can create more interesting and elaborate schemes and add more light changes per dance. 

“The timeline feature is the main reason why I chose ShowXpress,” Hollborn said. “I used to run the music and verbally cue the light tech (who wasn’t familiar with the dances) and the timing was always off. Now, I can create the lighting shows I want and since I’m saving money, I can add more LED lighting to my shows.”