Six-Part Series: Photography – How to Master It and Use It to Expand Your Business

Posted on February 20, 2014 by webmaster

PART 6: Put It All Together

By Ben Dickman, Product Manager for CHAUVET Professional and ILUMINARC


So, now you have all these wonderful photos (I’m going to skip over culling and editing, that’s an art form all its own!) what do you do with them? There are three main places to use your photos.

First and foremost your website, Just like the car companies we talked about open your webpage with a “big room” shot. This is your chance to put the potential customer in the environment and get that all important emotional response. If you have multiple “big room” shots create a small slideshow, but limit it to 3 or 4 shots. In subpages add your party shots and gear shots where appropriate.

Second, create a tablet presentation for face-to-face meetings. This can be like a guided portfolio. Start with your big room shots, moving into “special” shots of the things that separate you, party shots, and finally gear shots. Because this is a show you narrate you can speed up or dwell on certain images that you can see the customer is interested in.

Lastly, a brochure. A lot of DJs today won’t take the extra time and cost to create a brochure, but it’s something that can really separate you from the crowd. What does every bride have? A wedding binder. Would you rather she have ink jet print outs of your webpage or a glossy card stock brochure to look at later? What’s better? Ok, ok, now not only have I asked you to be a photographer and web designer, but now a graphic designer? That’s asking a lot, I know. BUT, Chauvet has a solution! Check out the “tools for profit” section of the webpage, there’s a pre-designed brochure right there for the using! Print ready and everything, just add your logo and send to your favorite printer!