Stage Wash Frenzy: COLORpalette

Posted on February 29, 2012 by webmaster

-written by Bruce Schwarz

COLORpalette has full wash side lighting and 27 channels of backlighting creativity. COLORpalette also answers the popular forum question, “What is the best way to uplight our drummer?” These fixtures will light up any drum kit with a nice full color wash, showing off all the details of a live performance sometimes overlooked.

We use three COLORpalette fixtures on our industrial kit, one in front of the kick and one on each front corner. For some, the kit is a focal point and treated as such. Although the COLORpalette has an infinite amount of options, we use the no-brainer option of static colors for the drummer and then just change the pre-programmed scene (color) depending on the mood of the song. Overall, COLORpalette will rock your drummers’ world!