Testing out the Freedom Series – Part 2

Posted on January 3, 2013 by webmaster

-written by Jon-Paul LeClair

Freedom Strip Mini
I was excited to test the CHAUVET® DJ Freedom Strip Mini and planned to use it as an extra uplight for our drummer. I currently use four SlimPAR 64 wash lights around the drum kit, so I set the Freedom fixture on the floor behind her. The unit comes with detachable legs, which allow you to place it in whatever vertical position you want. Depending how you transport the fixture, you may be able to leave the legs attached. It would be nice to have a folding leg system because I would rather not lose the washers and bolts.

Like the Freedom Par, Freedom Strip Mini can be configured in basic 3-channel DMX mode or 4-channel DMX mode, which opens up other functions as previously explained. I chose 4-channel DMX mode for my application. A word of caution to those who use traditional LED PARs like the SlimPAR wash lights: 3-channel DMX mode does not include dimmer control, so controlling all your fixtures with one fader may prove to be difficult.

Again, the unit is completely wireless. Chauvet also sent along a wireless remote. Since I run my lights with a PC, I only tested it for a short time. The remote, which is very slim and lightweight, would be handy to keep in your pocket and change the fixture’s color without having to go around a room and manually adjust them.

The fixture is compact and fits in tight spots — including the area between our backdrop and drummer — to light dark spaces. It throws a good amount of light and worked great in my application, however, it will get drowned out by more powerful fixtures.

Another item of note, the Freedom series includes master/slave mode for standalone master/slave operation. The manual explains everything, but I mention it for those running cables and chaining fixtures — be sure to check the input you are using and ensure you are using the standard DMX in/out ports. I set the fixtures up once or twice (using the wrong port) and wondered why the fixture, and other fixtures down the chain, were not functioning as expected.

Overall, the Freedom series is highly convenient with its built-in wireless DMX and super-long battery life for untethered power. These fixtures make for a clean show environment, and best of all, no knots in your cables. I really like how easy it is to position the fixtures in order to get light where you need it. The optional remote adds even more convenience allowing you to run your lights without a controller. If you want a fast, easy, wireless setup, you can’t go wrong with the Freedom series by Chauvet.

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