The Power of Freedom Charge Cyc

Posted on March 13, 2020 by Abigail Arnold

CHAUVET DJ prides itself on listening to the needs of industry professionals. You’re the boots on the ground, the mad scientists behind the stage, the mobile entertainer collecting miles beneath tires. When asked for a more compact, wireless cyclorama light, we listened, and launched Freedom Cyc.

This battery-operated unit casts a wide, even, flicker-free wash. There’s big power in this small fixture, discreet enough to be used as foot lighting, but versatile enough to be plugged into power mains for even greater output in productions. When combined with multiple units, naturally you’ll get and even, wide wash. Yes, multiple units. So, you’ll need a way to safely carry and power them.

Here’s where the beauty of Freedom Charge Cyc, launched at NAMM 2020, comes into play. Freedom Charge Cyc is a compact road case that transports and charges up to six Freedom Cyc fixtures at one time. Freedom Charge Cyc features built-in cable whips to charge fixtures directly, without the need for individual power cords, while the stackable case design, rugged wheels, and recessed handles allow for faster load time. Go ahead and book the big gig—you have the freedom of power.