Upgrade Your Lights, Not Your Ride with 4BAR Flex Q

Posted on March 20, 2020 by Abigail Arnold

4BAR Flex Q is a complete wash lighting system fitted with high-intensity, quad-color RGBA LEDs. How does this help you? Because coffeehouses, bars, and DIY venues tend to be intimate, emotive locales that are ideal for connecting the audience to the performance. However, these venues are typically small. There’s not much room to bring in an expansive gear list. Sure, you want dynamic lighting for your show, but the last thing you need is yet another tripod to jam in the trunk or on the stage. The CHAUVET DJ solution to vivacious lighting in compact spaces is 4BAR Flex Q.

4BAR Flex Q is a lightweight, pack-n-go system that mounts to almost any speaker stand without special appliances or clamps. Fit everything you need in your trunk without sacrificing your life’s savings to buy an extended cab truck to haul your gear from gig to gig. 4BAR Flex Q has vibrant RGBA LEDs to ensure you get the right look every time. The color choices allow you to generate a broad spectrum of looks for your show. The addition of amber LEDs to the rig allows for warm, rustic, smoky vibes as well as a range of captivating options to fit your show.