What It Is to Be Free: 100% Wireless Outdoor Gobo-ing

Posted on January 18, 2020 by Abigail Arnold

Wires, rain, manual control. If you’re a wedding planner, event rental company, lighting a corporate event, or rocking the mobile entertainer business any of these can spell disaster. All it takes is a drizzle turning to a torrent, a guest tripping over a cable, or the need to be in two places at once (with no one manning the lights!) that can break your night. Enter Freedom Gobo IP.

Freedom of All-Weather, No Wires

This is the first IP54-rated wireless gobo projector. Meant for temporary outdoor usage, the die-cast aluminum housing resists water, snow, dirt, and sand for all-weather applications. Battery-powered, this 16 W cool white LED contains built-in D-Fi transceiver to work effortlessly with the rest of your Freedom Family. Non-DMX control is possible using an IRC-6 remote allowing you control from a distance.

Freedom of All Power, No Noise

Freedom Gobo IP is silent. Create the look you want for displays and venues without the hum of a fan disturbing the best man’s speech or the breaking the magic of the Father-Daughter Dance.  And speaking of looks, you’ll have more creative options than ever with the innovative smooth manual zoom and fading features with built-in dimming curve. No wires, no cables, no fear. Just Freedom.