What’s Hot on the CHAUVET DJ Blog?

Posted on September 29, 2015 by webmaster

Here’s what you were reading on the CHAUVET DJ Blog last week!

1. Core. Amaze More. – Readers are always interested in the release of the hottest new products and this product video blog post about 2 of our new USB-enabled fixtures – the COREpar 40 USB and COREpar 80 USB – was no exception.

2. 2015 Backstage Tour by CHAUVET – With a light show as mind blowing as the one the CHAUVET Lighting team out together at this year’s BPM in the UK, who doesn’t want to get a glimpse into the fixtures that made it possible?

3. CHAUVET DJ Tip of the Week from DJ Jer: Color Slides = Profit: Ah, that magic word…profit. DJ Jer showed readers how to make more of it using inexpensive color slides for gobos.

4. CHAUVET DJ Gig Lab: Hazer health for Halloween – It’s that time of year again. Haunting season! This Gig Lab post reminded viewers not to wait til the last minute to check in on their hazer’s health for the season!

5. 2015 BPM CHAUVET DJ Product Tour – BPM is one of the biggest shows of the year so it’s no surprise that it would make a second appearance in this Top 5 – especially since this was about the CHAUVET DJ products being featured there.