You Decided. Most popular CHAUVET® DJ Videos of 2012

Posted on December 28, 2012 by webmaster

Throughout the year, the Chauvet video team creates videos to share on the CHAUVET® DJ Youtube channel. They showcase the latest CHAUVET® DJ gear in action, take you to tradeshows for a first-hand look at newly launched gear, put you in the middle of clubs and other venues filled with Chauvet fixtures, bring you career tips from top leaders in the industry and so much more. Curious to see which videos you, our viewers, liked the most, we did some research and based our findings on the total amount of engagement for each video. In other words, the sum of all likes/dislikes, subscribes/unsubscribes, favorites added/removed, shares and comments for a given video. Thank you for your feedback – below are your top picks of 2012.

1. CHAUVET® DJ Programmed Light Show at the 2012 DJ Expo

2. Geyser RGB Preview by CHAUVET® DJ

3. Create Your Own Gobo for CHAUVET® Gobo Zoom LED

4. CHAUVET® DJ Programmed Light Show at LDI 2012

5. MotionDrape LED by CHAUVET® DJ