6 Questions for Paul Norasingh

Posted on September 1, 2012 by webmaster

Congratulations to our September Facebook Fan of the Month, Paul Norasingh aka DJ Sticky. Originally from Oakland, Calif., Norasingh lives in Minneapolis and is the owner and operator of Nora Events. He is interested in lighting because it brings setups to life. His next big investment is the 100% TRUE wireless Freedom Par because “everything wireless is a must.” Read on and get to more about our loyal fan.

1. Favorite CHAUVET® light/product.
I have 24 SlimPAR 56 wash lights that I use to uplight my events.  This fixture is my number one upseller and is a favorite among my clients because they bring any event to life.

2. Favorite CHAUVET® YouTube video.
I recently watched Gobo’s Made Easy CHAUVET® LFS-5 & Gobo Zoom with DJ Mikey Mike & Direct Sound where he reviews Gobo Zoom LED and LFS-5. Any video showing CHAUVET® products is a favorite of mine.

3. Favorite DJ.
DJ AM. I saw him live in Las Vegas and he was one of the first mainstream DJs to incorporate mashups into his set. He inspired me.

4. Favorite event/nightclub with lights.
Moon Nightclub at the Palms Hotel Casino Resort in Las Vegas.  The club has awesome lights and a retractable roof. 


5. Favorite tip for new CHAUVET® DJs.
Don’t be intimidated to ask for tips and help.  If other DJs don’t inspire you, you are in the wrong business.

6. Complete this sentence: A show without lights is like…
A show without lights is like watching a Pay-Per-View boxing fight without sound — boring and not exciting.