Back at NAMM. Here’s What We’re Bringing With Us

Posted on January 15, 2020 by Abigail Arnold

It’s that time of year again. No, not the holidays—those are long gone already. It’s time for the 2020 NAMM Tradeshow on January 16th-19th where CHAUVET DJ will debut several new game-changing products for a wide range of applications.

GigBAR Move

GigBAR Move takes the user-friendly nature of its predecessors one step further by adding two compact, quad colored (RGB+UV), 10W LED moving heads to the 5-in-1 system. This new pack-n-go moving head system won’t be replacing the popular GigBAR 2, but rather is supplementing the GigBAR line with even more options.

Freedom Gobo IP

Freedom Gobo IP is a true example of CHAUVET DJ originality. This fixture has the honor of being the world’s first 100% wireless, outdoor-rated gobo projector. No wires, an IP54 rating, and silent operation means that the applications for this unit for rental houses, event or wedding planners, and mobile entertainers are virtually endless.

Pinspot BAR

Galleries, restaurants, and bars will find a similar broad range of application in Pinspot BAR. This 4000K Natural White fixture contains six, pixel mappable adjustable pods with gels for dynamic beam angles and 2700k color filter. The unit’s ability to mount to pipe or drape with multiple hanging options makes it a diverse choice for event planners and producers.


CHAUVET DJ’s newest effect piece projects multicolored rotating gobos and creates mid-air effects to blanket the room in ever-changing patterns. The separate color and gobo wheels offer endless creative programming options. A must-have for clubs and performers.

Scorpion Storm RGBY

Building off its predecessors, this plug-n-play unit contains quad-colored (RGBY) laser beams and patterns, customizable with independent control of each colored laser diodes. Control your way, with or without DMX, and optional IRC-6 remote. This unit is right at home in small bars, clubs, or with mobile entertainers.