Band Profile: Sexy Tractor

Posted on February 29, 2012 by webmaster

Tell us about your band and how it formed.
Several years ago, I considered starting a Kenny Chesney tribute band.  Without a front man as talented as Kenny, finding success was going to be a tough challenge.  I opted for a top 40 country music band and used the name I was picked for the tribute band.  I decided this was going to be a permanent thing, so I went so far as to trademark it.  We are the “one and only” Sexy Tractor. We perform in clubs and at private functions throughout Ala. and the Southeast.

What type of lighting is used for your performances?
Our rig includes the following CHAUVET® products: two 6SPOT wash lights, two Hurricane haze machines and two MiN Spot RGBW and two MiN Wash RGBW moving heads. We’re always looking to expand, so new items are added frequently. Because we’re a cover band, it’s just as important to provide a quality light show as it is to produce quality sound. We have to sell tickets, not albums, so we go for the live entertainment factor.

What do you think is the next big thing in the lighting industry?
Holographics? But seriously, LED fixtures have revolutionized our stage. We no longer blow breakers or have to sweat profusely under the heat of a 500-watt PAR. I really like the idea of eliminating DMX cords and having wireless communication between fixtures. We should also get rid of power cords by employing Tesla’s ideas and transmit power over the airwaves.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced while setting up for a gig?
We frequently play in venues where the stage is merely an afterthought and it doesn’t even have lighting, or the lighting installed is outdated or broken. It became paramount to create a lighting system flexible enough to work in a modular fashion everywhere we went.  LED fixtures have made this much easier to accomplish. Setup time and space are premiums, so we try to design the systems so that we’re in and out with little fuss.

Complete this thought: A show without lights is like…..
I’m sorry, I don’t understand the concept of “without lights.” Please explain. Seriously. I can’t conceive a show without lights. It’s like playing a six string guitar without three of the strings.  Or playing drums without heads.  There’s a void!