CHAUVET® DJ Part of 21st Birthday Celebration in South Africa

Posted on June 13, 2013 by webmaster

To create a fun and energetic atmosphere during a 21st birthday party held at a private residence in South Africa, Ijan Maasz, owner of I.M. Soundz, uses 13 CHAUVET® DJ fixtures to add splashes of color and movement. Maasz, who caters to weddings, birthdays, school and corporate functions, artist performances and all other private parties, is responsible for the sound, lighting, music and entertainment at each gig. For this particular celebration, he used the following gear: four SlimPAR 64 and four SlimPAR 56 wash lights, 4PLAY and 4PLAY CL effect lights, a CHAUVET® DJ lighting stand, an Obey 70 DMX controller and a Hurricane 1300 fog machine. Read on for his take on event lighting.

“Without incorporating lighting into this type of event, it simply would not be the same,” Ijan Maasz said. “Lighting makes the music come to life and allows you to create an atmosphere. After every event, customers always tell me how impressed they are with the lighting setup and how it drastically improved their experience. They are also amazed at the amount of effects produced by such a small number of fixtures.

SlimPAR wash lights, as well as the Hurricane 1300, are my favorite fixtures used at this event. SlimPar 64 is an extremely bright wash light that emits warm colors and can be used at almost any event for uplighting, stage lighting or adding effects to the dance floor. SlimPAR 56 is perfect for uplighting because of its beam angle and rich colors. Both fixtures can be setup and torn down in minutes, are easy to program, take up a minimal amount of space and are very lightweight.

Another fixture that makes a big difference is the Hurricane 1300 fog machine. It has a short warm up time and fills almost any room with fog within minutes. I am amazed at how little fog fluid it uses for the amount of fog it generates. It makes the lighting come alive and brings out the best of each fixture.”