CHAUVET DJ seminars at BPM PRO 2017

Posted on September 6, 2017 by webmaster

Join us in the Mobile DJ Learning Hub for two information-packed educational seminars from CHAUVET DJ. On Sunday, our very own European Product Specialist Toby Freeman will discuss the integration of wireless DMX systems into existing setups as well as the ideal of a completely wireless system. You’ll learn how you can use wireless technology to save time, even if not all of your units are wireless.

On Monday, SoundSwitch co-founder Matthew Watkins will showcase the latest innovations in this cutting edge technology that seamlessly integrates DMX and audio control. You’ll learn how to use this next generation sound-to-light technology to put together a show that not only reacts to the music perfectly but also reacts to your actions as the DJ.

Seminar timings:

Event Lighting: Cables Not Included
By Toby Freeman
Sunday 22nd|11:30am

The Next Evolution Of Sound To Light
By Matthew Watkins
Monday 23rd|3:30pm

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