CHAUVET DJ Top Blog Posts of the Week

Posted on April 24, 2015 by webmaster

Here’s what was hot on the CHAUVET DJ Blog this week!

  1. New Video! CHAUVET SlimBEAM QUAD IRC! – Without a doubt readers wanted a look at this new fixture that is reinventing the way we look uplighting!
  2. Shop Time: CHAUVET DJ Gobo Shot 50W IRC Gets DJ Jer Out of a Jam! – When DJ Jer’s musch-used glass gobo shattered, he turned to the Gobo Shot 50W IRC for a low cost fix and readers liked the solution!
  3. Topsy Turvy: Chauvet Clamps Turn Uplighting into DownlightingDJ Rocky turned things upside down using CHAUVET DJ CLP-15N clamps to mount uplighting fixtures to use as downlighting!
  4. Uplighting just Artistic: CHAUVET DJ SlimBEAM Quad IRC – The SlimBEAM Quad IRC makes its second appearance in the top 5 this week as readers wanted to see the ultra-cool photos of what this fixture is capable of.
  5. CHAUVET DJ and TRUSST Provide Gear For Luminar Group¹s Lighting Technician of the Year Event – The number 5 most popular post of the week comes to us from overseas as readers were interested in how CHAUVET DJ and Trusst made this UK awards ceremony shine!