CHAUVET® On the Road with ‘Green’ Production Company

Posted on April 25, 2012 by webmaster

Tree Power & Sound, an event company from the Atlanta, Georgia area, utilizes various alternative/sustainable energy sources to power their productions, including 22 CHAUVET® LED-fitted fixtures that consume considerably less power than traditional lights.

For each production, Tree Power & Sound staff tows a trailer covered in solar panels and packed to the brim with high output batteries. A biodiesel-powered generator is brought along to the shows as a backup power source to ensure that even after a week of stormy weather and no sun they can still power the production in the most sustainable way possible. Towering above this generator is a wind breeze turbine that can harness a handful of watts via gusts of wind. At Jam Cruise, an annual music festival held on a cruise ship, two of these turbines are flown into the air to pull a staggering amount of power from nothing more than the ocean’s constant winds. For practical lighting, 16 LEDrain 38C and six COLORpalette fixtures are an ideal choice: “We love how efficient the CHAUVET® lights are. They look great, and in most cases we can even plug these into the same outlets as audio gear and never see any adverse affects from it,” said Ian Blanton, live sound technician for Tree Power & Sound. “Our company continues to take live productions to the next level every year, while maintaining a minimal carbon footprint. We are able to do this with the help of companies like CHAUVET®, who also strive to make a positive impact on the environment and live performance everywhere.”