DJ Profile: DJ Alex

Posted on November 10, 2011 by webmaster

DJ Alex started out as a musician and singer in 1995. While living in Texas, he took a break from music to study engineering but his passion couldn’t be suppressed and he started Fire Sound (a lighting and sound business) in 2008. In two years, he hopes to start a live band and handle the lighting and audio. Read on and get to know more about DJ Alex.

1. How and when did you get started as a DJ? What types of events do you do?
Music and technology have been an interest of mine since I was a kid. As an electronics engineer, everything new in technology (either audio or lighting) grabs my attention. I started my business in lighting and sound three years ago and new ideas are always popping up. Most of my work is comprised of being a wedding and nightclub DJ and I have so much fun doing both.

2. Is this a full-time job or something you do on the side? If it’s a side job, please let us know what you do full-time.
During the week, I work as an engineer. On the weekends I run my business and handle the lighting and sound for events (which I enjoy more than engineering!).

3. What fixtures are included in your setup? What are you looking to add?
I prefer to use LED lighting and have 24 LED PAR 64-36B wash lights, one Eclipse laser and two COLORband TRI fixtures.

4. What is your favorite fixture and why?
I can’t choose just one, so I have to say COLORband TRI and LED PAR 64-36B are my favorite fixtures. I really like to illuminate the entire venue when I DJ and I always get so many compliments on these two lights.

5. Best advice you can give someone just getting started in the DJ industry?
Invest in LED illumination. It is well worth the money and they last so much longer. Chauvet is a very good option.

6. What are your top three most requested songs?
Shaggy “In The Summer Time,” Caballo Dorado “No Rompas Mas Mi Pobre Corazon,” Celia Cruz “La Vida Es Un Carnaval.”