Freedom Liberates DJ

Posted on June 7, 2012 by webmaster

Mark Maskell, aka DJ Maskell, is a promoter as well as a nightclub and mobile DJ in the Washington D.C. metro area. With 10 years of experience, he is very active in the Washington D.C. club scene and is a resident DJ at several big music festivals throughout the year.

Maskell needed an all-wireless solution to provide uplighting in a variety of environments from formal weddings, wild nightclubs, and completely random shenanigans like lighting up friend’s houses. Read on to see why he added 16 Freedom Strip Mini fixtures to his setup and how he saves two to three hours setting up and breaking down.

Written by Mark Maskell:
“I have a wide range of CHAUVET® DJ gear and it has always served me well. I added Freedom Strip Mini fixtures to my collection because it was the right balance of price per unit, total light output, quality of projected light, ease of setup and integration with my existing systems.

I wanted a fixture with a six-hour battery-operated run time, DMX capable, take less than a minute set up and/or breakdown, be at least four times brighter, be at a cost-per-unit that would allow me to get 8-16 units for under $4,000, look good at a wedding and rock out and go crazy in a nightclub.

The Freedom fixtures replaced a set of much smaller American DJ® P36 LED fixtures used for uplighting. I wanted something brighter and without cords. After saving so much time just by using D-Fi units, going completely wireless was a no-brainer. Setting up, running cables, plugging them in, making them look pretty and taping them down took about two hours to set up and breakdown. With this system, I set up twice as many lights in 1/10 of the time and with 1/100 of the effort. The party benefits from a killer light show and my brand looks better too.

The thing I like most about the Freedom Strip Mini is its run time. I ran them for 16 hours on their first charge — very impressive. I also like that the programs are compatible with other CHAUVET® lights (like the COLORstrip) which saved me a lot of programming time because I already had programs created. The thing I like least is the units don’t always respond in sync — especially when operating wirelessly. Normal people probably wouldn’t notice, but lighting geeks like myself notice it right away.

Freedom Strip Mini exceeded my expectations. For the price of the fixture, the brightness, quality and utility can’t be beat.”